Youth Missions (and Mentoring) Track

Courses To Prepare Youth Ministry Mentors for Mission Service Abroad, 6+ hours

Year One Courses

  • Youth Ministry as Missions (295)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    An intensive hands-on cross cultural study of the demographics of the youth populations of the world, particularly as the data applies to developing effective strategies to aid youth in cross-cultural settings. Students will develop an understanding of the special and unique calling that each person receives and how it applies in the varying settings they are placed.

  • Global Perspectives: Becoming Globally Minded (265)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    A study of the need for relating to one’s world with a well-founded worldview, with a view to understanding one’s particular circumstances, aptitudes and God-given aspirations.

Year Two Courses

  • International Missions Internship (296)

    Prepare for a mission internship with either one of Global’s international mentors or a successful mission sending body.

  • Youth Missions Administration (478)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    A practical course to enable potential mentors abroad to learn the basic administrative expectations for ministry abroad.

  • Youth Ministry In Cultural Context (475)

     (3 Credit Hours)
    A study of the conditions of youth throughout the world and the future of youth work in non-Western nations, with particular emphasis on research of youth conditions in particular nations.

  • Mentorship II (585)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    A course of applied on-the-job training with a local youth organization, social agency, or church. Students will spend 3 weeks in the classroom and at least 115 clock hours in their on-the-job position. Particular emphasis is given to learning and engaging in practical mentoring experiences.

  • Practicum (685)

    (12+ Credit Hours)
    Prerequisites: 265, 271, 475 or their equivalent.  A seminary level course–designed in conjunction with several seminaries–to offer their students the opportunity to gain practical experience and insight into youth work in other countries while serving for one year abroad.