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Our college level courses are an integral part of the Internship at the Global Institute; all interns spend their mornings in academic pursuits. ALL of our courses are offered in partnership with these universities listed below. In most cases these credits are transferable to other universities, but  course transfers are at the discretion of the university to which you plan to transfer for further study:

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The Institute encourages personal growth and academic development in an atmosphere of Christian influence. We believe that diligence in study habits and development of work ethic are worthy goals and should be the high standard for life on campus and beyond.

The Institute provides both academic courses and life experiences which are foundational to its mission to provide students with basic knowledge and skills to prepare them for effective service, whatever their career path.

All students are enrolled in “core courses” and daily/seasonal experiences which give them the opportunity to explore their God-given talents, inclinations and career paths. Both academic pursuits and practical experiences provide the mix we believe to be unique among learning institutions. This variety will help prepare men and women for more specific career pursuits that are best fitted to their God given range of skills and capabilities.

The courses listed under each Option fall into two years of possible study, First Year Courses and Second Year Courses. Generally some of these courses are considered “CORE COURSES” and are required study emphases for every Intern regardless of his or her career aspirations. We consider these courses as part of the core values we espouse and teach at the Global Institute. Other course are options, and may or may not be offered in a given semester’s line up of courses.


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If you are a college student, recent graduate or international student, we encourage you to apply. All academic youth ministry majors are welcome.