We have specifically created opportunities for your group to have both — camp and missions — budget friendly. Our advice? Don’t choose..

Serving the youth of your church is a big responsibility. We understand that many leaders are faced with the decision of financially making wise, intentional investments with the youth ministry budget. Many times, leadership teams are having to decide: Summer Camp OR Mission Trip.

Global Youth Ministry firmly believes in the importance of leadership training and service opportunities-both aspects that define Global Youth Camps. We have specifically created opportunities for your group to have both – camp and missions- budget friendly.

Can’t afford both a mission trip and camp? Try one of these options!

Mission Track

at a regular Global Youth Camp

We are so pleased you are interested in attending a Global Youth Camp with Mission Track this summer. Global Mission Track allows your students to experience a combination of youth camp and a mission trip all in ONE EXPERIENCE! Mission trackers follow the same schedule of a regular Global camp, choosing only to spend their afternoon free time serving ministries in our local communities. Together, we will further the Kingdom by serving others in the name of Jesus.

New To Missions Track?

Click Here for a Complete Manual!
This guide will give you a detailed explanation of all things that are unique to Global Youth Camps and Missions Track.

Want to Promote Missions Track in your church?
Here are some free designs you can use to help get the word out!
To go to our Dropbox and download the file, Click Here.
The file includes: A Bulletin Insert, Page Header, Poster, and an Instagram Picture

Mission Camp

Serve by day, worship in evening

We are so pleased you are interested in attending our Global Youth Missions Camp this summer. Global Mission Camp allows you to partner with us in our ministry during the day and then we worship together each night. This allows your group to serve others and still enjoy spiritual input together. The focus of the Mission Camp will be to help prepare our campus for the thousands of summer campers at the Fort Mountain facility. Mission Campers will be helping future campers experience the presence of God more fully when they are on this campus this summer! Come and not only experience camp yourself, help other campers have the best camp of their lives while you are at it!