Connect your youth group with youth groups around the world.

Become a ``Global Youth Leader``!

Global Youth Ministry seeks to team up with like-minded youth leaders who are passionate about reaching youth everywhere.


specifically for a needy youth group with whom you partner!


strategically to minister with your chosen partner in another country!


sacrificially to help develop effective ministry with that youth group!


Global then invests in your ministry right here at home.

Start Local, Go Global

Did you know these facts?
  • Before 21

    77 percent of all people who come to Christ do so before they reach the age of twenty-one!

  • 1/3 Youth Age

    One-third of the earth’s population is considered youth age according to U.N. statistics!

  • Before 18

    The chances of reaching people for Christ diminish drastically after age 18!

  • Outside America

    Only six percent of youth outreach is focused upon areas outside America, where over 94% of all youth live!

  • 12/24 Window

    By 2050 over half of the global population will be youth. It has been called the “12/24 Window.”

For over 15 years Global Youth Ministry has actively ministered among the world’s youth through youth-oriented mission projects, leadership training events and youth camps worldwide on almost every continent.

But the need among the world’s youth is critical, and cooperative action is essential. Who will reach these young people? We believe your youth group can help in a significant way! You may not be able to reach 2.1 billion youth, but you can help reach youth in just one community somewhere else on the planet!

Young people comprise the “12/24 Window” (people between the ages of 12 and 24) of missions! We know that people who do not receive Christ by their 18th birthday are far less likely to ever respond to Him in faith. Who best to reach youth than the youth in your group? We should use the resources God has given to us to reach the world’s youth while they are still young, searching and open to the claims of Christ!

The future is in the hands of the young, but equipping of the young to live responsibly is in our hands now! Global Youth Ministry provides leadership resources and training through curriculum, leadership conferences, camps, cross-cultural missions, overseas mentoring and the Institute for Global Youth Studies. There is much we can do to lead the way in reaching the youth of the nations. Let’s act now—together—to bring hope to the young…now!

What Can You Do as an Individual?

We are looking for individuals to commit to a monthly contribution to assist youth groups around the globe through our “I am Global” campaign.

As a Youth Leader in your Church what can you do?

We are looking for Youth Group Leaders to become Global Youth Leaders and support and influence their own groups of young people to be involved. Read more below about what would be involved for your Youth Group.

What Can Your Youth Group Do?

Here are three ways your group can engage their peers globally with the Gospel

They can PRAY specifically for a needy youth group with whom they partner!

When your group becomes a Global Youth Partner, we will enable your group to partner with a youth ministry mission point in another country. Only $37 a year allows your group to connect with youth in your partner mission site through:

  • “Global Mission Moments,” online videos sent to you monthly by your ministry youth partner abroad, will focus your teens upon the prayer needs of teens in your partner youth group abroad.
  • Global Bible studies offer “on-sight” Bible Studies from places like Jerusalem, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, etc, taught by Global Youth Ministry mentors.
  • “Global Live” chats will allow your group to actually see and connect with your partner group. Our Youth Mentors abroad will set up real-time phone connections with you and other stateside youth groups so you can personally receive prayer updates.

They can GIVE sacrificially to help develop effective ministry with that youth group!

Your group may choose to raise the bar by giving sacrificially to help your partner youth group carry on effective youth ministry in their country. You may do this through Pledge Partners (individual youth and church members who pledge to give at least $12 per year ($1 per month) as an “I am Global” Contribution.

They can GO to minister with their chosen partner in another country through... SHORT-TERM MISSIONS

Why not VISIT your mission partners to help with a mission project on-sight with them in their country? When your group is ready to visit their partner youth ministry overseas, we will help you accomplish that by taking care of all the arrangements for your group to serve: the travel, lodging, meals, and program! Remember our distinctive is that we offer mission projects that are …

FOR Youth: Many great mission organizations reach adults around the globe through construction, ESL and other great programs. But Global focuses upon the 1/3 of the world’s population that is youth age! Global’s mission focus is youth reaching other youth.

BY Youth: Youth groups today want to do something that is hands-on! They are aware of the need to give, not just consume! Help your youth experience a life of meaning and significance through giving of themselves in service to other youth!

Send one of your own to serve with youth abroad!

Is it conceivable that God is even now calling one of your youth group members to serve abroad with your mission partners for a semester or even longer? Our hope is that short term trips will open the door to long term missions among the world’s youth. The key ingredient to reach the world’s youth is leadership training! Global Youth Ministry trains college level youth to serve at least a semester or more with a youth ministry abroad. Some even serve for 2 or 3 years or more!

It is the right time!
This is the right task!
We are the right team!
Let’s wait no more! We must act now, while we can!