Leadership in Youth Ministry

Courses Toward a Major in Youth Ministry, 15-18 hours

Year One Courses

  • Biblical Strategies for Church and Youth Work (271)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    A study of biblically based strategies for the ministry of the church, with particular emphasis on the impact of these in youth ministry.

  • Practical Approaches to Youth Work (371)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    A study of the various approaches, methods, and strategies of working with youth, with practical applications for programming, goals and desired outcomes.

Year Two Courses

  • Administration of Youth Work (372)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    An examination of the various aspects of administering the work of the youth worker, focusing on roles, relationships, resources and responsibilities, and practical application to the local situation.

  • Youth Issues II (375)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    A study of the issues facing youth as well as the developmental nature of youth and the issues affecting them and their families.

  • Youth Ministry In Cultural Context (475)

     (3 Credit Hours)
    A study of the conditions of youth throughout the world and the future of youth work in non-Western nations, with particular emphasis on research of youth conditions in particular nations.

  • Youth Worker’s Personal and Professional Worlds (471)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    An examination of the demands upon the schedule, priorities, family and other aspects of the youth worker’s life focusing on personal habits, family involvement, calling, career opportunities and continuing development.

  • Church Internship (481)

    (3 Credit Hours)
    Prepare for a mission internship with either one of Global’s international mentors or a successful mission sending body.