South Asia

One of every ten teenagers on the planet today lives in a country in South Asia, India. You and your team will travel to Asia and then on to the ministry sites where you will be teaming up with local leaders to help guide ministry projects for and with youth and youth leaders. Through this ministry you will be able to model the life of Christ in every day living. As a team you will build relationships with the youth you are teaching. As your relationships grow, you will find that the youth are truly interested in who you are as a person opening doors that are normally closed. Your group will aid in leading ministry projects that utilize teaching, drama, music, recreation, etc. with the youth.


Ministry Focus

Investing a summer as a Yew Wah camp team leader will allow you to impact young people while exploring the possibility of long-term service in China.


Ministry locations are in and around Hydrobad, in Southeastern India. You will fly to Hydrobad for in-country orientation and then will conduct ministry in several ministry sites. Doing ministry projects in different locations will allow you to see and experience several different places and lifestyles in India.

Trip Dates

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Basic Costs

You are looking at approximately $1,500.00-1650.00 in program fees + round trip airfare.

International flights to China vary in price depending on where you are flying from and how early your flights are booked. Typically flights average $1600 to $2200, depending on when you are able to book.

The program fee covers all your expenses in India including housing, 3 meals per day, flights and trains in India to ministry locations, some local sightseeing, airport transfers, and orientation. Please note snacks, personal items, entertainment, souvenirs, as well as housing, food and travel before and after the program dates are not covered.


Trip Deposit

We ask that you would turn in a $100/person trip deposit with your application to reserve your spot on the team. Deposits are due about 4 months before you depart.

Payment Schedule

Initial Deposit – $100.00 due with Application (non-refundable)
50% of budget due 90 days before trip departure date.
100% of budget  due 30 days before trip departure date.

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