Ministry Needs

Global Youth Ministry is in need of a few things and would like to know if you could help? Anything donated to GYM is considered a tax deductable donation. Thank you so much for considering to partner with this ministry. Here are some things that you could help us obtain.


Digital camera for the entire Global use, not just atop Fort Mountain, but during the summer also.

Copy Machine/Printer for office use, institute classroom materials and camper/staff guides.

Musical Equipment

For our summer camps- As of right now, we are totally dependent on our students bringing in their own equipment during the summer. We would like to be able to provide decent equipment to our staffers and students here on the mountain. Some of the pieces we are missing are as follows.

  • Piano / Synth
  • Drum Set
  • Drum Cymbals
  • Bass Guitar

Construction Materials

We’re always making improvements and repairs. Currently we need the following to finish up our Gymnasium classroom.

  • Drywall
  • lumber