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Picture yourself at the center of the earth.  Where would that be?  According to God’s Word, it is the land of Israel!  And that is where you could be this summer!  Believe us, there is no place like the Holy Land in all the earth! You and your team members will travel to Israel, where you will be taken to a camp site outside of Jerusalem.  Each morning, you and your team members will rise early and go to bed late!  You will help with family groups of campers in recreation, Quiet times, Bible studies and worship.   Afternoons are devoted to recreation and evenings will hold a variety of experiences as we use drama, mime, music, etc., to minister to the people of the surrounding area!  You will serve as role models and servant leaders in this special time designed to encourage the youth who live in Israel.  There are three different trips to Israel.  The first trip is a Hebrew Speaking Youth Camp.  The second trip is a Hebrew Speaking Children’s Camp.  The third trip is an Arabic Speaking Youth Camp.  For each of these camps, your team will be partnered with local team leaders to aid in leading the teams and also teaching the youth.  You will also have the opportunity to pour yourselves into these local team leaders through discipleship and fellowship before and during the camp.  If your team wishes to tour the Holy Land, then we will add a few days on to the end of your trip.  During those extra days we are going to “hit the road” to experience the sights and sounds of Bible lands!  You will climb Mt. Arbel and view the Sea of Galilee at sunset.  You will explore a Medieval Crusader ruin!   You will walk beneath the old streets of Jerusalem through the ancient tunnel of Hezekiah!  You will experience the Bible in a way few tourists ever will! This is the chance of a lifetime! You’re going to love it!


Ministry Focus

Passover Camp – M1 material, team & small group leaders; Touring for 3-4 days, M1 local event (2 days, no-overnight) in Bethlehem, Easter in Israel, Youth Pastor Training.
Summer Trip: Help plan and lead 5-8 week long youth camps throughout the local area.


A country with huge opportunities to experience and share the hope of Jesus.  Due to saftey reasons, we can not promote the specific location but would be happy to provide this information to you upon request.

Trip Dates

Watch this space for upcoming trips or contact us to set up a trip for your team.

Basic Costs

You are looking at approximately $1,600.00 + round trip airfare.
International flights to the Middle East vary in price depending on where you are flying from and how early your flights are booked.  Typically flights average $1200 to $1400, depending on when you are able to reserve.
The $1600 program fee covers all lodging, meals and transportation in country;  travel insurance; a cultural excursion; & a small ministry budget.

Trip Deposit

We ask that you would turn in a $200/person trip deposit with your application to reserve your spot on the team. Deposits are due about 4 months before you depart.

Payment Schedule

Initial Deposit – $200.00 due with Application (non-refundable)
50% of budget due 90 days before trip departure date.
100% of budget  due 30 days before trip departure date.

Pay online here.