Lodging at Fort Mountain Retreat

Lodging Options

Choose from our four levels of lodging options, including dormitories (4-16 per room), The Inn (multi bunks & beds accommodate up to 8 per room), The Lodge (hotel style rooms 1-4 per room), and Family Cabins (up to 8 per cabin).

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Family-Style Cabins

Beautiful, secluded cabins are tucked away on the mountainside and offer family-style accommodations.


The hub of our complex, the Lodge offers more hotel style accommodation but please read our explanation below to ensure you have realistic expectations.


The Inn is a multi-housing unit that can accommodate 1-8 people per room or suite with either bunk beds, queen beds, or king beds. Some rooms feature interconnecting doors between rooms.  Every room has an amazing view right down the middle of the valley. These are great rooms for anyone!

5 Dorms

Our three story dorms provide cozy bunk style housing that is great for retreat groups. Each dorm can house various size groups on twin size bunk beds. There are bathrooms on each floor.

God has provided us with ministry facilities which we have done everything possible to make attractive and comfortable for all our guests. Much of the improvements have been an investment of “sweat equity” as we have made changes to better serve our guests.  The primary purpose for these facilities is to introduce fellow believers to our mission and, educate young believers and their leaders on this campus to effectively reach young people around the world.

Therefore, in order to focus our resources on our mission, you will find that we do not provide normal hotel-type services to our overnight guests.  The rooms range from dorm style bunks to nicer rooms with nicer accommodations. But we do not have TVs, room phones, etc. And we do not provide daily room service in the manner of a hotel or motel. In fact, many of our guests, especially youth groups, help us by providing their own linens and towels, and by providing basic cleaning upon departure.

If you have special needs of any kind, please contact us!  We will do all we can to accommodate these needs. For more information about our lodging, please contact our staff. Our aim is to SERVE!

Also, your gifts to our ministry are focused upon our mission, that of training the next generation of leaders and reaching young people around the world with the hope that is in Christ. Our young staff members are “trainees” who are learning to serve.  When you come to us, these eager men and women desire to serve with increasing proficiency and effectiveness. Most of our guests commend us on the spirit of service and the attitude of Christ that they experience while they are with us.  But we are a “work in progress.”  Thank you for your patience with us as we train our “next gen” leaders!

Facility Capacities

Please see below a breakdown of the capacities of our various lodging types broken down by area (Upper Conference Area or Lower Conference Area)

Lower Campus (Institute Facilities)

Dorms and a Guest Suite
  • Dorm 1 – sleeps 48 (Larger rooms with bunks and shared bath on the hall)
  • Dorm 2 – sleeps 56 (Larger rooms with bunks and shared bath on the hall)
  • Dorm 3 – sleeps 32 (College Suite-style Dorm rooms with shared bath)
  • Dorm 4 – sleeps 34 (College Dorm Style with shared bath on the hall)
  • Dorm 5 – sleeps 40 (Larger rooms with bunks and shared bath on the hall)

Upper Campus - Conference Center Area

Inn, Lodge & Cabins
  • Inn – 36 Rooms (most with 2 Queen plus Bunk Beds)
  • Lodge – 21 Rooms (King & Queen Beds)
  • Cabin 1 – 2 Bedrooms, sleeps 8 (Queen Beds and Bunk Beds)
  • Cabin 3 – Loft and small bedroom, sleeps 4 (Queen Bed plus Twin w/Trundle)
  • Cabin 4 upper floor – sleeps 4 (King Bed plus Sleeper Sofa)
  • Cabin 4 lower floor – sleeps 4 (Queen Bed plus Bunk Beds)