Global Youth Ministry Agreement

Special Limitation:  The purpose of Global Youth Ministry is to mentor people to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His Church.  Sightseeing and shopping will be permitted only as it coincides with the team’s main purpose, but could be canceled if not deemed convenient for travel, or time, or if they hinder the primary purpose.  Involvement expense, based upon current quotes, are subject to increase.  Date, travel arrangement, and schedules are subject to change.  Travel destinations may be changed/cancelled/switched in the event of any crises:  political, natural, or mission-related at the sole discretion of Global Youth Ministry.

All application fees and contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If an individual is unable to participate in the assigned project, the funds he/she has on deposit with Global Youth Ministry, less incurred expenses and administrative fees, will remain credited toward a future project for one year. In the event of cancellation of any trip, Global Youth Ministry reserves the right to reassign team members to another project.

Global Youth Ministry is a highly disciplined organization with regulations in many areas, including conduct, dress, and Christian life-style.  These are explained in the packet of information sent to approved applicants.  Team members, leaders, and staff adhere to Global Youth Ministry  policy and are subject to dismissal, without refund or reimbursement, for disobedience.  Team members, leaders, and staff serve at their own risk, and Global Youth Ministry is not liable in the event of sickness, accident, death, or terrorist acts, or for transportation or any other expense beyond that of the normal involvement.

Global Youth Ministry projects includes intense physical activity including hiking, continuous walking, and other strenuous activity.  All participants are required to be in good physical condition.

Although donations received by Global Youth Ministry go toward exempt project expense, IRS stipulates that to receive a tax deduction, the donor must release control of the money donated to the nonprofit organization.  For this reason money cannot be refunded or designated to a person.   Each team member will get credit for raising the funds equal to the cost of his/her trip.

I/We give Global Youth Ministry the right to use my picture, voice, and testimony in any type of promotional or advertising materials.  My enclosed signature (or enclosed signature of my parents or legal guardian because I am under the age of 18) signifies my approval of all limitations listed above.

I realize that the submission of my application does not ensure my approval for this position. I realize that all applicants are subject to interviews before acceptance. I recognize that the references provided are subject to contact from Global Youth Ministry Personnel.