Tired of doing camp each year that wears off before school starts? Global camps are designed with more than a great experience in mind. We strive for true and lasting change. Check out our Unique 5 reasons on the Global difference.

Global Youth Camps Unique 5

We believe in ongoing life change not just the "camp high." More than just focusing on the individual student and adult worker, we teach them how they fit into the "big picture" of your youth ministry. Instead of a barrage of topics our camps direct your group onto a path that will perpetuate life change and grow your ministry.
We strategically limit the size of our youth camps to around 500, and some are even smaller.  We believe that huge crowds may be great for conferences, but nothing can replace the impact that personal relationships will have on your group.  Youth leaders are valued by our staff, as we meet each morning to pray for the camp, for the students, and to plan together for the activities of the day. We get to know you, your leaders and your campers by name.
Why spend more time and money in leadership training events when much of it can happen at camp? We will train your adults in timeless youth ministry leadership principles and your student leaders will get practical, hands on experience alongside our staff in leading Bible studies, games and team building. Our camps focus on strengthening your leadership team.
Our summer interns are NOT paid to be at camp. In fact, they raise their own support to be with us on mission in the US and abroad...they really want to minister! The interns consider this a summer calling, not just a summer job. Their focus is on your campers' walk with Jesus, not just the camp program! Our well-trained staff will spend quality time ALL DAY with your group. They will pour their lives into your students and adults.
We look at camp differently. We have a tight philosophy on how camp works. Our speakers, band and interns are integrated into that philosophy. We don't focus on headliners, we focus on content. Every aspect of camp is designed for your group to leave with just one thing. From the worship times to the games to the drama, everything will culminate in one point.

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