Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team is Ready to Serve at Your Next Event

We are privileged to be with your students when they come to Global Camps. But did you know that our college interns are part of year-round Ministry Teams that are available to come to YOUR church or event to help with your ministry? Call us and we will be happy to work together!

Available Speakers

Roger Glidewell

Founder and Executive Director
Global Youth Ministry

Roger has a passion for leadership development and wants to see teens step up and lead their peers to the Lord.

David Caywood

Program Director
Global Youth Ministry

David is incredibly passionate about worship and teaching how and why to do it. He wants to partner with teens in discipleship and see them grow closer to Christ  every day.

Additional Options



Our worship team will come and be lead worshippers with and for your youth. The worship set is generally designed for students, but can be blended with more traditional styles for your congregation upon request.

Small Groups

The Global Institute Interns love pouring in to your students! They are able to do this in a myriad of ways. One of these ways is through small groups. They can take the message of the evening (whether you use a Global Speaker or otherwise) and lead your small groups to dive even deeper into Scripture.


You may want Global to tackle game time for your group. Choose anything from an ice breaker style to a huge group game. Remember that our goal is to point to the lesson for the night to help reinforce what is being taught.


Every Institute Intern is ready to share what God is doing in their lives.

Scripture & Prayer

Global Youth Ministry is built on two tenants: Scripture and Prayer. Our ministry team will always include these two aspects of worship. Our interns will pray over you and your students. They will also quote Scripture from memory; sometimes, it will be entire chapters. We encourage our Interns to lead by example. What better way to show your students what it means to be on fire for Christ than to “hide [His] word in your heart” (Psalm 119:11)!

What About the Cost?

We will work with you to make it as affordable as possible for everybody! Call us for details at 877-251-1800.