Missions Staffer

We have talked, prayed, and planned for this for a long time and it is FINALLY HERE! We are super excited to announce that we will official be launching our FIRST Global Youth Camp Missions Staff for 2017!!!

How does it all work?

Now you may be wondering, what exactly is a missions staffer? What will they do? What will the schedule look like? Will they serve overseas or stateside? How do I apply? GREAT QUESTIONS….lets get started on answering these right now:

Accepting Applications

Area: Missions Staffer

Dates: May 21 – Aug 1

Application Form: click here

A Global Youth Camp Missions Staffer will join our FOURTH summer staff team ready to focus specifically on serving both locally and internationally during the summer.  This staff will be specifically focused on helping to oversee and run all Global Youth Mission Camps, Global Youth Mission Tracks, and even have the opportunity to spend 1-4 weeks of their summer in a different country.  Our desire is to reach the youth of the world and this is a great opportunity for you to spend your summer with Global Youth Ministry focused specifically on doing just that!

A Global Youth Camps Missions Staffer’s main focus is the missions camp and/or project at hand.  We desire to serve our community well and require dedicated team leaders ready and willing to assist in this service endeavor. While youth campers will be a focus for us each week during camps, they will not be themain focus, our service projects are!  It is our desire to help lead youth in serving opportunities so that they might understand and be apart of something bigger than themselves.  By meeting a need, they will have the opportunity to not only give blessings but receive as well. The Global Missions Staff desires to disciple and train up the next generation to prepare for setting aside self and our own advancement by lending a helping hand in whatever opportunities we can.  This goal will aid us greatly as we shift our focus internationally and prepare to help lead summer camps abroad and evangelize in new and different cultures.  Many times we will have opportunities to witness, but unable to speak the same language.  We will have chances to serve, but it may not be on a stage but rather behind the scenes.  These opportunities stateside will prepare our own hearts and also the hearts of our campers that when God places us in a position to serve, it does not always go according to our plan but always His.

The Global Missions Schedule is as follows:

[May 21-29, 2017] – Missions Staff Orientation at Fort Mountain Retreat & Conference Center
[May 30- June 2, 2017] – Missions Camp – FMRCC
[June 5-9, 2017] – Missions Track – FMRCC
[June 12-16, 2017] – Missions Track – FMRCC / China Team Orientation
[June 19-23, 2017] – Missions Track – FMRCC / Wales Team Orientation
[June 26-30, 2017] – Missions Track – FMRCC / Costa Rica & Middle East Team Orientation
[July 3-7, 2017] – Missions Camp – New Orleans, LA

The short answer: both stateside AND international.  The long answer: Serving internationally is a game changer.  The opportunity to expand your horizon and see the world that the Lord has made and the cultures and people that live in will forever leave a mark on your life.  It will change your perspective and might even alter your future. We desire that every college age student have the opportunity to serve overseas at some point of their life.  While not everyone may be called to GO long-term, we believe that God has instructed us all to Go and we want to help focus that calling with some specific ministry serving opportunities.  The idea is that all of our Global Youth Camps Missions Staffers would have the opportunity to serve 4-6 weeks in the USA and then 1-4 weeks overseas.  We believe the experience spent serving and leading stateside will only prepare the staffer to lead well abroad.  We have ministry serving opportunities ready each summer in Wales, the Middle East, Costa Rica, South Asia, China, and Kenya.  The cost of traveling internationally can be overwhelming and combining that with a few weeks of serving at Global Youth Camps will obviously increase the serving budget even more….but do not fear.  We have witnessed and will continue to witness God make the impossible POSSIBLE and truly believe that when you allow other people to join your mission of serving the Lord, He supplies everything that is needed.

Step 1: Download and Complete this application and return via email to us at missions@globalyouthministry.org.

Step 2: Set up an over-the-phone interview with the missions department by calling 877-251-1800, 401.

Step 3: Be accepted on Global Youth Camps Missions Staff for 2017, receive your information packet, packing lists, stateside and international budgets, and overseas trip details.  Pay your staff/trip deposits.  Begin fundraising.

Step 4: Arrive for Orientation and begin the BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE.

No problem! Feel free to send us an email at missions@globalyouthministry.org OR call us at 877.251.1800, 401 and let us know exactly how we can help you learn everything you need to know about Global Youth Missions.

Until Every Youth Has Heard,

The Global Missions Department