Why Mentor?

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How Youth Mentors are the key to reaching the world for Christ.
We believe that the key is in mentoring young, indigenous youth leaders in
other countries who aspire to reach their own youth cultures for Christ. This is
a biblical model; it is a practical model; it is culturally reproducible and
transferable model; and we believe it is a God-ordained model.
The plan we have embraced is simple:
  • Global’s mission is to certify youth pastors in the U.S. to train mentor candidates in biblical and practical youth ministry skills during their college years at their own churches. Global will provide resources and consulting for this effort.
  • Youth Mentor candidates will attend the Global Mentor Institute at our headquarters for the final 3 months of their training before being certified to live abroad for one or more years. They will raise most of their living expenses abroad in advance.
  • The task of Mentors overseas is to mentor young youth leaders in communities abroad for at least one year to effectively reach their own youth populations with biblically sound and culturally relevant youth ministry strategies.

1. The need is overwhelming!

Youth are not just parenthetical to what God is doing in this generation, but a central feature of His purpose to reach the nations. How could this not be so when youth comprise such a huge and exploding percentage of the world’s population? Right now:

  • Over 50% of the earth’s population will be under the age of 24 by 2030.
  • The population of many countries’ current population is over 60% youth! This is true of countries in South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere!

2. The need is not being effectively addressed:

  • Most mission agencies are focused on the un-reached adult population, but we all know that if a person is not reached for Christ by age 18, it becomes increasingly more difficult to reach them!
  • Over 95% of the world’s youth ministry resources are inside the U.S. while about 96% of the world’s youth live outside the U.S.
  • Our own experience has confirmed that short-term mission projects among youth, though important, are insufficient as a means of establishing long-term ministry among the world’s exploding youth population!

3. The resources are available:

  • Youth Ministry in the United States is inundated with youth ministry resources. Unfortunately, this is only leading to a consumer-oriented youth ministry in which youth expect more and better events, activities, programs, and materials. In other words, our avalanche of youth ministry programming is counter-productive to the spirit of servanthood which the Church seeks to engender among its youth.
  • Youth in the Millennial Generation have sensed this reality and seek a life of meaning and significance which may ONLY be found in giving themselves away to meet the needs of others. In so doing, they discover what it means to live a life that is truly significant, because others value them for their service!
  • Youth in the U.S. have been better prepared to minister than any previous generation. They are exposed to more discipleship, more missions, and more service opportunities than ever before. They are responding in amazing numbers to the call to short-term missions. They want to do something that is hands-on, not just throw money at problems, but throw themselves into service!

4. Others who thrive on hate are recruiting young people around the world for destructive ends:

  • Many youth populations around the world live without hope and are eager to participate in a cause that gives them hope, even if it means strapping on a bomb and blowing themselves up in a public crowd.
  • Emissaries of hate such as Osama bin Laden have recruited heavily among youth to enlist hopeless young people to give their lives for an empty cause. How much more should we be giving those teenagers hope?

We may be just a few years, or even months, ahead of public perception in the churches, but people of faith are already beginning to rise up to insist that we stop ignoring the world’s huge youth population in our mission efforts! The future history of the world is being determined now by what we do—or don’t do—with our youth! We are not doing enough! Something has to change radically and immediately while there is yet time!

For More Information Contact our Office.

God will reach the youth of the nations with or without us . Our choice is whether or not to join Him in HIS plan. We must act quickly and decisively to reach this generation. Will you help us? Please contact us if you have questions.


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