Registration Procedures

Camp Registration Procedures

Step One: Make Reservations—Call us to check availability of the week of camp that you would like and make a reservation.  Reservations help us accurately project space availability at the campsite you choose.

Step Two: Send Registration Deposit to hold your reservations.

  • Your deposit is due within 15 business days to secure your reserved space. Deposit cost is based on the time the deposit is postmarked or received.

Registration Fees (Deposits are non-refundable)

  • Early bird postmarked through January 15th--- $50
  • Regular Deposit postmarked after January 15th through March 15th--- $60
  • Late Registration commences March 16th--- $70

Deposits are non-refundable. However, for any deposits made before the Early Bird Deadline, your deposits are transferable towards your final balance, up until January 15th, at which point they are locked. Deposits are non-refundable and after January 15th, they are non-transferable.

  • Send all checks payable to: Global Youth Ministry - 40 Blackhawk Trail, Chatsworth, GA 30705

Cancellation and Drops Policy

  • Through January 15th you may transfer a deposit and apply it to your final bill. After January 15th, all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Increasing & Reducing Your Numbers
Decreasing your count: The number of people registered may be reduced at any time through January 15th and you will receive a full credit of the deposit toward your final bill.

  • After January 15th, all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • For camps through June 30th, all drops and cancellations after April 15th will be subject to an additional $50 fee for each registered attendee.
  • For camps from July 1st through July 31st, all drops and cancellations after May 15th will be subject to an additional $50 fee for each registered attendee.
  • IMPORTANTFinal Account balance must be paid in full 15 days before camp begins.  Only add-ons may be paid for at camp. After the deadline the entire balance must be paid for based on what is billed 15 days before camp starts.  There will be a $100 late fee on any payments made after the 15 business day deadline. The only exception to this rule is for add-ons, within the 15 days that have been approved. These add-ons may be paid at camp, but please call ahead to finalize details of add-on charges.
  • Last Minute Add-Ons: We know how it is; some teen wants to go to camp at the last minute... the very one you have been praying for. What do you do? Call us! Arrangements can be made for last minute attendance if accommodations are available. An extra $10 per person will be added to the current camp price. The $100 processing late fee does not apply if you have sent in your final payment and paperwork by the deadline.

Step Three: Send Final Payment
Complete and return the Rooming Lists (Medical Forms you will bring with you to camp) to us with your final payment postmarked 15 business days prior to your camp start date.  Again, remember that final account balance must be paid in full 15 days before camp begins.  After that time the entire balance will be due; no reductions in cost after the 15 day limit.