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The MOMENTUM CONFERENCE is a student ministry event designed for every single member of your group to catch a vision of God’s purpose for your entire youth group. It is more than just a weekend of Bible studies, dramas, videos, and more. It is specifically focused on God’s exciting purpose for YOUR youth group! Every youth pastor, volunteer adult leader, and student in your group will be equipped with Biblical principals and practical, take-home tools for ministering to teens!

S P E A K E R :

Roger Glidewell
Veteran Youth Pastor
Founder, Global Youth Ministry

For more information and to register please contact us.

A region-wide event for the Youth Groups!

What is M1?

Imagine being part of a youth group that is...

...radically on fire for God and His Word!
...engaged in true and honest worship!
...united for Christ on their school campuses!
...contagious with love for Christ and each other!
Now picture all that happening in your very own youth group! Momentum1 is a weekend event for youth groups in your community that begins with a simple question: “If God chose youth in your community to make a huge difference, what kind of youth would He choose?” Using drama, games, music, worship, team building in small groups, and lively large group Bible studies, we guide youth to see how God can and will use them in a mighty way! Every hour is jam-packed with exciting action! Here are some features:

  • Super team-building recreation!
  • Intense Drama (and we mean intense!) plus crazy skits portray various ways to witness…or not!
  • Student book is given to each participant, features helpful information for every student to follow God into a life of adventure!
  • A final Celebration features music, drama, video, sharing, and even a “last supper.”

What a Momentum1 WEEKEND Does:

This event may “look like” a Disciple Now in some ways: It is held on the weekend and involves youth groups in small groups, often staying overnight in homes. However, from that point it is significantly different. Momentum1 will help your youth group gain VISION for what God desires to accomplish through them…together! This weekend will be:

  • FOCUSED: The primary goal is to help every youth group member get a vision of God’s purpose for the whole group! So the students spend a lot of time together... separated only at night into homes. Momentum1 focuses your youth on the "E's" that are essential to a youth group that exalts Christ: equipping, evangelism, and encouraging. The entire New Testament follows this pattern:
  • Equipping: The Gospels are about Jesus equipping His disciples to be on mission in this world. A youth group that is healthy has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. He alone energizes the youth to serve Him. We strengthen our relationship to Christ through Scripture and prayer.
  • Evangelism: The book of Acts is about the explosion of the church as it evangelized the known world. A healthy youth group that has been equipped through Scripture and prayer will always develop His compassion for the lost. Evangelism always follows proper equipping.
  • Encouraging: The letters to the churches that follow the book of Acts encourage and edify the church. A youth group that is reaching out to lost youth will have victories to celebrate, but will also understand the great need to support each other when the going gets tough A youth group that is not evangelizing the lost on their campus will have little need for what the Bible describes as fellowship between believers.
  • FUN, but it is much more than a “fun weekend.” Think of it as a kind of "self-diagnostic tool for youth groups.” We help youth discover what God could do with a fully devoted youth group! With this goal in mind, every hour and each component of the weekend moves sequentially. Momentum1 is not a lock-in or "all-nighter." Properly prepared, students will come with a sense of anticipation for what God is going to do while we are together! We will have fun, we will laugh, we will play. But everything we do will point students to God's best for their lives and for their group.

Momentum1 is for is for your adults, too!

  • Innovative Adult Training Sessions: While your students are involved in Strategy Groups, you get the advantage of a "volunteer training track" as well! Adult Strategy sessions at Momentum1 will provide relevant training just for adults! Designed by Roger Glidewell--Global Youth Ministry's Director--a veteran Youth Minister and Professor of Youth Ministry at Union University--this training will be invaluable as your leaders go home to help lead fired-up students!
  • Opportunities for Adult Participation: There will be numerous opportunities for adult leaders to help make the weekend a success. Some adults may be enlisted to assist with the teams. Others may help with recreation or assist with meal preparation or the finale. We want the adult leadership to be part of what is happening, so we do our best to involve them.

When the weekend is concluded we hope everyone present will realize that God has spoken! We believe that He will do just that, so much so that we truly hope you will get every single member of your youth group to do whatever it takes to be part of it. Once it’s over, there's no going back to yesterday! The future will be different for each participant...and for the group!

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