Mission Schedule

 2014 Mission Projects


Nairobi , Kenya – Africa Trip

Dates available for Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer

Cost: Varies with time of year

Have you ever considered sharing the good news of the Gospel in a land of wildlife safaris and among tribal cultures that are both colorful and unique? The people of Kenya are eager to hear of the hope you have in Christ and are in great need of Christian interaction. You will have the opportunity to encourage the local teenagers to follow Jesus wholeheartedly by sharing testimonies, small groups, drama, sports, and worship. As you model servant leadership, you and your team will grow spiritually while you meet the physical and spiritual needs of the Kenyan people.

Israel–Middle East Trip

Dates for Summer, Fall, and Spring Available

Cost: Varies with time of year

For such a small country, Israel has a rich history that dates back to the very beginning of time. As you walk where Jesus walked, you will be able to work alongside local youth ministries in Nazareth to further the Kingdom. This includes participating in camps for local children of Christian, Muslim, and other non-believing religious backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to share the Gospel through music, drama, bible study, and more. However, any trip to Israel would not be complete without a chance to experience the places that you have read about in Scripture. Let the Word of God come to life and be prepared for Him to do a work in your heart and life as He uses you to reach His people with the Gospel.

Llantwit Fardre, Wales–Western Europe Mission Trip

Dates for Fall, Spring, and Summer Available

Cost: $ 595.00 (approximately) + AIRFARE

Wales is a country full of natural beauty and culture that is distinct from any other European nation. You will be working in several towns and areas that encompass the Cardiff and Rhondda Cynon Taff counties. There is a great need in this area for solid ministry to both the children and youth and that is what this church is focusing on. During your stay in Wales you will get the opportunity to help reach the youth by using music, sports and recreation, bible study, and more. Come prepared to be challenged as you serve in ways you never thought possible as well as remembered for the impact you made on the lives of these young people.

Southeast Asia - CALL for Details


Imagine yourself in the heart of Asia, a place that is rich in culture and full of friendly people who welcome foreigners with open arms. You and your team will be traveling to Asia and collaborating with local teachers to help lead English Emersion Camps. You will be participating in breakout sessions such as drama, music, and recreation, all the while modeling the leadership characteristics you have been taught from scripture. As you begin to build relationships you will find that the youth are truly interested in who you are as a person, thus opening doors that would normally be closed.

Dates and locations are tentative. Please call to confirm dates and places.

Group leaders, download a group project application here.

East Asia

The Galilee, Israel

Jilava, Romania

Gibbonsdown, Wales

East Asia

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