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Each summer we host several Global Youth Camps and Mission Projects, which enable your older teens to reach youth in countries where youth ministry is emerging! Our projects are conducted in cooperation with the International Mission Board and other mission agencies that have a passion for youth ministry. We minister in places like Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

Our organization serves as the go-between to enable your team to prepare and serve overseas. We will help your team members develop their own prayer and finance team to support them. We will handle the airline tickets, lodging, and liaison with the missionaries overseas, and then also help your team prepare for the cultural, spiritual, and ministry aspects of the trip. Then we will guide the team through the whole mission experience!

East Asia 

Asia is the place where nearly one fourth of the world’s population lives.  They are a friendly people who welcome foreigners with open arms.  You and your team will travel to Asia and then on to the campsite, where you will be teaming up with local teachers to lead an eight day English Emersion Camp.  You will have a few days before the campers arrive to build relationships with the local teachers as well as to make final preparations for the camp.  Through this camp you will be able to model the life of Christ in every day living.  As a team you will build relationships with the youth you are teaching.  As your relationships grow, you will find that the youth are truly interested in who you are as a person opening doors that are normally closed.  Your group will also aid in breakout sessions teaching drama, music, recreation, etc. to the youth.

Middle East - Israel

Picture yourself at the center of the earth.  Where would that be?  According to God’s Word, it is the land of Israel!  And that is where you could be this summer!  Believe us, there is no place like the Holy Land in all the earth! You and your team members will travel to Israel, where you will be taken to a camp site outside of Jerusalem.  Each morning, you and your team members will rise early and go to bed late!  You will help with family groups of campers in recreation, Quiet times, Bible studies and worship.   Afternoons are devoted to recreation and evenings will hold a variety of experiences as we use drama, mime, music, etc., to minister to the people of the surrounding area!  You will serve as role models and servant leaders in this special time designed to encourage the youth who live in Israel.  There are three different trips to Israel.  The first trip is a Hebrew Speaking Youth Camp.  The second trip is a Hebrew Speaking Children’s Camp.  The third trip is an Arabic Speaking Youth Camp.  For each of these camps, your team will be partnered with local team leaders to aid in leading the teams and also teaching the youth.  You will also have the opportunity to pour yourselves into these local team leaders through discipleship and fellowship before and during the camp.  If your team wishes to tour the Holy Land, then we will add a few days on to the end of your trip.  During those extra days we are going to “hit the road” to experience the sights and sounds of Bible lands!  You will climb Mt. Arbel and view the Sea of Galilee at sunset.  You will explore a Medieval Crusader ruin!   You will walk beneath the old streets of Jerusalem through the ancient tunnel of Hezekiah!  You will experience the Bible in a way few tourists ever will! This is the chance of a lifetime! You’re going to love it!

Africa - Kenya

Imagine ministering in the midst of Africa.  You are surrounded by people whose culture is very different from yours, but they are eager to meet you and hear what you have to say.  The adult leaders and youth surround you, their eyes as big as saucers.  They are waiting for you to tell them what you came so far to say...the story of a Savior who loves them.  Ministry in Africa is unique among mission fields.  The culture is different; the weather is different; the people of course, are different.  But nevertheless, you will be able to communicate the love of Christ to eager learners.  Our days will be filled by putting on multiple conferences.  We will have conferences for youth to give them Biblical basics of what a youth group looks like.  We will also be putting on conferences just for student and adult leaders from various youth groups.  They will have the opportunity to vision cast for their youth groups as well as be taught the Biblical basics of youth ministry and what it means to be a leader.  Your team will model servant leadership by assisting in small groups, leading drama, recreation, and worship.  It will be an awesome time of spiritual Growth for you and your team!

Europe - Wales

Tracing its roots back more than 1500 years, Wales has an unbroken history of Christian witness, culminating in the William Morgan Bible of 1588 that preserved the Welsh language during a period of external oppression.  Though a revival in the last 100 years garnered much attention globally, modern Wales is considerably less Christian than any other historical time period.  Going to Wales with Global Youth Ministry offers you an opportunity to share in the experiences of those keen to revitalize the spiritual fervor that once swept the nation.  It also means rubbing shoulders with locals who are not only Welsh, but also English, Scottish, Irish and various other world nationalities enthusiastic about sharing the Christian faith.  Who knows, you may yet get to experience another Great Welsh revival!

Costa Rica

Even though Ciudad Neily is thought to be the 2nd largest city in Costa Rica's southern pacific region, the simplest projects will still have a huge impact on the community. We have witnessed this as GYM short term mission teams - in collaboration with local leaders - have provided physical help to families, schools, businesses, and local churches on past trips. Our teams have painted roofs, constructed fences, built handicap ramps and lots more!  You and your team will fly into San Jose and take a scenic 6 hour bus to Ciudad Neily. Teams stay in church member host homes and take part in a variety of evangelism projects in the community, local schools, and churches. What a priveledge it is to share Christ with the beautiful people of Costa Rica!

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