Mentor Faculty

Global Youth Ministry has enlisted the finest youth ministry leadership team to be found anywhere to prepare mentors to help strengthen youth ministry around the world. We are pleased to partner with the following youth ministry leaders and their organizations:

Founder and President, Growing Leaders
Vice President of Leadership Development, EQUIP, with Dr. John Maxwell
“This is a ministry that I am glad to partner with. Leaders are not raised up in masse, but through life on life mentoring relationships. In this post-modern world in which we live, youth workers long for an authentic relationship with someone who can speak into their life and help to navigate their ministry. I believe these kind of developmental relationships are our only hope of multiplying the workers we need to reach the world. Global Youth mentors will do just that.”

Youth Minister Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

“Let me encourage you to join in this endeavor to go beyond our borders to assist the Church elsewhere that is in desperate need of help in guiding this generation. In short term projects we breeze in and breeze out, but what we need to do is spend time mentoring adult leaders and older youth who can impact youth in their own culture. To whom much is given much is required. Let’s go.”

President Student Leadership University, Orlando FL

“To impact the world we must mentor the next generation of leaders. Roger Glidewell and his Global Youth Mentoring team are focused on achieving this goal,and I'm excited to partner with them as they send mentors across the world to build up the next wave of international Christian leadership.”

President and Founder of Reach Out Youth Solution

“How unique and biblical to create an opportunity for youth pastors to mentor college students and then send them globally to mentor youth leaders in places where little or no youth ministry exists. That’s Roger’s vision and mine as well, so I’m delighted to join him in Global Youth Mentors.”

Co-founder of True Love Waits
Professor of student ministry
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“I am pleased to help train Global Youth Mentors. While missionaries from the U.S. are precious and valuable to the kingdom, they cannot win all the young of the world to Christ. There just are not enough U.S. laborers to reach 2.1 billion lost youth. We must mobilize young adults in countries worldwide to evangelize and disciple the young in their own people groups. We must send trained and committed youth leaders in the U.S. and other nations who will travel to provide the only formal training experience many fresh youth leaders worldwide will receive. And we must do it now, before tender young hearts become cold to the gospel. This generation in this generation by this generation.”