How to Help Mentors

We are asked often, "How can I help?"  Currently there are two great ways to help our mentors abroad:
1. Through the Dollar Pledge
2. Through our Global Youth Partners Program


What Is The Dollar Pledge?

"As God enables me, I will support Global Youth Missionaries with at least _____dollar(s) on the first day of every month as a lifelong, lifestyle commitment, and will actively encourage others to do the same."

Make a donation in any amount of your choice.

Become a Pledge Partner

How One Dollar Can Help!

Just one dollar a month from YOU could send youth missionaries to minister to unreached youth around the world! Together, our gifts could mean support for more youth missionaries around the world. 

For example, just one of the major church denominations in the U.S. has 1,087,000 young people alone enrolled in its churches!  What if only 87,000 of those million plus youth chose to help send youth missionaries abroad through this dollar pledge?  What if those remaining 87,000 faithfully gave up a Coke every month to give their dollar to help underwrite the cost of their peers who were serving as youth mentors abroad?  That would be $87,000 per month!  Every twelve months, those young people would be contributing $1,044,000 to the cause of youth missionaries around the world!  And what if they made this pledge a lifelong, lifestyle pledge?  What if they were willing to give increasing amounts as they enter their earning years?  I’m not talking about these young people spending their tithe on youth missions.  In fact, their giving of a dollar to missions each month would scarcely be missed.
The fact is, this amount is so minuscule that a young person’s total gift for the entire year would be less than the cost of most music CD’s.  The means to reach the world’s youth is so very do-able!  Imagine what could happen if churches' youth and adults would join together to give their dollar each month?

Honestly, this simple giving plan is so manageable that it makes one want to sit down and weep because it is not being promoted in our churches with young people and adults alike!  The money is there, but it is either still in people’s pockets or being spent on consumer items that are here one hour and gone the next.  Almost any youth can give a dollar. Adults can model sacrificial giving when choosing the places where they spend their money.  We can use this opportunity to teach young people to be more responsible—and responsive— to the needs of their peers around the world.

Number of People Giving $1 # of Months Total Money Received for Youth Missions per Year
10 12 $120
100 12 $1,200
1,000 12 $12,000
10,000 12 $120,000
100,000 12 $1,200,000
1,000,000 12 $12,000,000


We are looking for one adult or older youth who could serve as a “pledge coordinator” for each church and/or youth group. This person would not be required to collect the funds from donors each month. (In fact we hope that each donor will continue to see this pledge as a personal-rather than a group-lifestyle pledge). Instead, this coordinator would simply remind pledge partners to send their donations at the first of each month, and would also serve as a conduit of information between the global mentors and your group. If you would be interested in serving as your youth group’s “pledge coordinator” please contact us as soon as possible.


Global Youth Partners

Global Youth Ministry is looking for like-minded youth leaders who sense the call of God to reach ALL the world's youth, one youth group at a time! 

What could I do to help my adopted mentor? 

Pray – This is their number one need! When you pray for missionaries, you are making room in your heart for God to work, extending your care beyond your community and experience.

Communicate – A telephone call, letter, or email can offer much needed encouragement to a discouraged missionary called by God to the place where they are serving.

Give – A birthday or holiday care package let’s them know you are remembering them on this special day.

Visit – Make arrangements to visit their ministry site and assist them in their work. Plan a mission trip and take a group from your church.

Invite – Missionaries love to tell about their ministry and how God is working. Let them share with your church, small group, or mission organization.

Meet a Need – There is always a shortage of needed resources in ministry. What does your missionary need that you or your church group could provide?

The Adopting Church, Group, or Individual Will Enjoy:

  • Personal relationship with active missionary.
  • Strengthened commitment to missions.
  • Heightened awareness of mission opportunities.
  • Fresh ministry perspective due to outward focus.
  • Group building/bonding through service to others.
  • Opportunity to see God at work and an invitation to join Him.

Since two years is the minimum commitment period of our mentors, a two year minimum adoption is encouraged.  At the end of one year, the adopting group/individual has the option to continue the adoption (if the mentor is still on the field), to adopt another mentor, or to end their commitment.

How do I adopt a Mentor?