Become an International Mentor


So you have heard the call to mentor youth ministry abroad and you are ready to respond. You're wondering, "What's next?" and "How can this be made possible?". There are five phases between the time you begin the application process and become the mentor for your assignment abroad. 


Request for Application
Mentor candidates begin the application process by being invited by Global Youth Ministry to become a mentor candidate.  Mentor candidates will receive an application from Global Youth Ministry or may download a form from our website.  The application must be accompanied by a $50 application fee.

A personal interview process will include phone and on-site visits with the mentor candidate. A background check will also be conducted.  Here are the qualities we seek in Mentor candidates:

  • Personal integrity and strong relationship with Christ.
  • Willingness to learn youth ministry and missions.
  • Must be at least a high school graduate to begin mentor training. 

Once the application forms have been processed and the candidate is accepted, a deposit of $250.00 will be required. (This amount is applied toward the total cost of the mentorship training and year-long experience abroad.) 

The mentor candidate will receive instructions and study materials from Global.  A mentor trainer will be assigned to the mentor candidate at this time. 

MAP - Mentor Assessment Profile 
A personal mentor assessment profile (MAP) will be developed for each mentor candidate.  This profile is designed to assess the degree of the candidate’s readiness to participate in a year of ministry abroad.  This assessment (MAP) may be downloaded, filled out electronically, and submitted via email for review.  A follow-up phone interview with a Global Youth Ministry representative and/or an on-site interview will be scheduled.  This interview will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date.


Mentor Training
All Global Youth Mentor candidates are assigned to a Global Youth Mentor Trainer for a specified period of months.  During this time, the mentor trainee will be expected to complete appropriate mentor training and preparation, based upon the level of the candidate’s previous experience and competency. 

The training setting may be one of the following:

  • Option 1: Supervised Training in a local ministry setting under the supervision of a youth minister who has been certified by Global Youth Ministry as a mentor trainer.
  • Option 2: Training at Global Institute for Youth Leadership. Special application must be made for this 1-2 semester experience.

The training regimen will be decided after the mentor readiness assessment profile has been completed.  Training may be conducted in person and by other means of agreed-upon communication between the mentor trainer and the trainee.

The training regimen will include four aspects, two of which will be the main focus of this phase.   Mentor trainees will receive instruction in basic discipling skills, youth ministry skills, leadership skills, worldview, missions, administration, and mentoring.  The two aspects of this phase of training will include:

Learning by Educational materials (Trainer leads, you listen)

Conversations from the Book Reading List with Your Mentor Trainer.  Reading will be required in several disciplines.  Once the mentor trainee has read each book, there will be a time to reflect on the book either in person or by written comments. 

Conference: All mentors are required to attend at least one “Momentum” conference during this phase of their preparation (Momentum is a 24-hour conference designed to acquaint youth leaders with biblical principles of scripturally sound youth ministry.)   Participation must be pre-arranged with Global Youth Ministry.

Training by Example (Trainer leads, you look)

On-Site Observation of Youth Ministry is an important aspect of your training.  You will be expected to observe and to participate in a youth ministry in a pre-approved church or youth ministry organization.  Opportunities will be given for you to observe and participate in youth ministry activities and events.  You will be able to debrief these experiences with your mentor trainer. 


Budget Planning.  Each mentor’s needs in their assigned country will be unique.  Together, the mentor trainee and Global Youth Ministry will formulate a budget plan that will be suited to the needs involved in mentor training and the mentor experience abroad. 

Ministry Partners:  Each Mentor will secure a team of up to 100 prayer/financial support partners during this phase.  A special Ministry Partners Manual and materials will be provided to the mentor trainee.  This manual will contain a budget planning section plus information regarding raising prayer and financial support.  Brochures and materials will be provided for the mentor trainee to distribute to interested parties. 

Phase 2 and 3 may be conducted simultaneously.


During this 6 to 12-week period, which may be concurrent with Phases 2 and 3, the Mentor trainee will come to the Global Institute for Youth Leadership for final training and logistical preparation.  While you are with us, you will be assigned to a Global mentor supervisor.  Your training will focus on the last two stages of youth ministry education:

Stage 3: Training by Experience (You lead, Trainer looks and listens)

Ministry Experience:  Your Global mentor supervisor will assign a prescribed set of responsibilities for you fulfill.  Observation and assessment will enable the Mentor trainee to develop confidence and competence in all aspects of youth ministry needed for his experience mentoring abroad.

Stage 4: Training  by Evaluation (You lead, Trainer leaves it up to you)

Ministry Leadership:  Your Global mentor supervisor will assign at least one responsibility for which you will serve as the leader and/or coordinator.  This will strengthen your confidence and enable your trainer to offer valuable assistance as a behind-the-scenes observer and consultant.


Phases 4 and 5 are usually concurrent.  While the mentor trainee is at the Institute, he or she will make final logistical preparation for the upcoming mentoring experience abroad.  The transportation, lodging, meal needs, visa applications, and other necessary requirements for living abroad will be secured. 

Mission Site Inspection: During this period, depending upon the candidate’s experience with overseas missions and with the particular culture to which they are called, a mission project will be arranged to the prospective mentoring location abroad.  This will enable the prospective mentor and the site host to get acquainted, and determine final preparation needs for the upcoming year.

Cultural Adaptation:  Your Mentor Trainer will take you through a cultural adaptation program to help you prepare for the cultural changes that will take place while you are living in another country. 

Congratulations you are now ready for the mission field!


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